Summer School – Dubrovnik

7-13 july 2024

The 16th Mass Spectrometry in Biotechnology and Medicine is on again at the Centre of Advanced Academic Studies in Dubrovnik, Croatia 7-13 July 2024. Our mission is to provide didactics in the fundamentals of mass spectrometry followed by topical applications that vary year to year. 


Mission Statement: Firstly, MSBM provides didactic lectures in the “fun”damentals of mass spectrometry with applications in the life sciences and related fields. Around these lectures an exam is developed and worked on during the week. While some find the exam difficult, it is open-book with the intention that everyone comes away knowing more than before they arrived. Those who receive a PASS (>50%) may petition their home institutions for ETS credits. Secondly, MSBM serves as a networking opportunity where students have direct access to the dozen + faculty who help with the exam in the evenings over beer and pizza. Our raison d’etre is education of students in mass spectrometry who have had no opportunity during their educational journey for classroom instruction in this analytical science. Advanced students will also benefit from the detailed discussions around concepts like the Mathieu differential equation and frequency based mass measurements among other advanced topics. While the course is geared toward graduate students, the material is accessible to undergraduates and even faculty who may be new to mass spectrometry. For more information please see or send an email to