The Belgian Proteomics Association Conference is organized this year @University of Liège on MAY 3rd and 4th in REAL LIFE ! This time will be the right one !


Abstract submission deadline: April 8, 2022 at 12.00pm


We will provide “A proteomics perspective on protein function in space and time.

Take a look at our guest speakers !


Kathryn Lilley

Ron Heeren

Petr Novak

Charles Pineau

Laurent Gatto


You can become part of this list of speakers by applying for a short oral presentation, or share your research on a poster. A €250 poster prize will be awarded to the best poster at the conference!!


Want to learn more about what proteomics can do for you? Our workshop will guide you through the possibilities.


The workshop takes place on MAY 3 and the conference on MAY 4 @University of Liège,  Belgium.


The Belgian Proteomics Association welcomes you!


Check out the provisional program and registration details:



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